Transformation of Israel into the Church

How did the nation of Israel transform into the Church of Jesus Christ?

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(1) Proposed datings of Matthew have ranged from as early as 50AD to as late as 100AD. It is this writer's contention that it was written before 70AD and the fall of the Jerusalem temple (cf. Hahn 13 and Robinson 86-117), and thus is written during the height of the Jewish-Gentile debate within the Church. back

(2) The authorship of Matthew is an unsettled academic debate. The traditional attribution is Matthew the apostle, although the common modern consensus is that the author was most likely a Greek-speaking Jewish Christian who was not an eyewitness to Jesus' ministry (Brown 172). In this paper I will refer to the author as "Matthew" for ease of notation, but the authorship question does not affect the results of this study. back

(3) The primacy of Peter is outside the scope of this paper, but can be found in Matthew's Gospel in two separate places: Matthew 10:2, in which Matthew lists the apostles and marks Peter as "protos", or "first"; and Matthew 16:18-19, in which Jesus builds the Church upon Peter and gives him the keys to the kingdom of heaven. back

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