Paul and the Sacraments
What is the Role of the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist in the Pauline Concept of Salvation?

Interpreting the Holy Bible
How the "Senses" of Scripture Provide the Foundation for a Proper Interpretive Stance

Catholic Scripture Interpretation
Resting on Fundamentals, Resisting Fundamentalism

Transformation of Israel into the Church
How did the nation of Israel transform into the Church of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ: The New Adam
Adamic Typology in the New Testament

A Catholic Approach to the Bible
(from OSV Newsweekly)

Catholics and the Bible: Is the Bible the Only Source of Christian Beliefs?
(from Catholic Online)


How to Plant Seeds of Faith with Strangers
(from OSV Newsweekly)

How to Respond When a Loved One Leaves the Church
(from OSV Newsweekly)

What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Witnessing Your Faith at Work
(from OSV Newsweekly)


Nine Levels of Christian Prayer
How does one advance in prayer?

Casting Aside Anger
(from OSV Newsweekly)


From Ignorance to Bliss
My Journey to the Catholic Church

Obtaining The Divine Life
From Death to Life: the Process of Salvation

Are Only Catholics Going to Heaven?
Answering a most common question

Removing Our Sinful Natures
The Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory


History of Catholic Ecumenism
from Pope Leo XIII to Pope John XXIII

The Four Stages of the Catholic Ecumenical Movement


What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Getting More Out of Mass
(from OSV Newsweekly)

Delving into the Mass: Books About its History and Meaning
(from OSV Newsweekly)

Church Fathers

Abolished or Fulfilled?
The Mosaic Law in Relation to the New Covenant of Christ According to the Fathers of the Church




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